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Resurs Bank launches Flexible Account function in the Nordic region – offers customers greater scope to plan their personal finances

Resurs Bank is launching its Flexible Account function for private customers with a Supreme Card in the Nordic region. The new function allow customers to separate specific purchases and to assign these a dedicated instalment plan. The driving force behind the Flexible Account is to offer customers greater scope to plan their personal finances.

 - We have seen a need among our customers to separate larger, durable goods purchases from regular everyday shopping. There is often a greater need for customers to pay-off durable goods purchases in instalments, and to separate these from other purchases to gain better control of their finances, says Anders Engstedt, Development Director Payment Solutions.

During summer 2020, the Flexible Account function was launched for Resurs Bank’s Supreme Card customers in Sweden. Since the launch, more than 1,000 customers have tested the function with a highly positive response and the service will now be launched for all customers in the Nordic market. The new function allows cardholders to easily move larger purchases from their monthly invoice to separate instalment plans. This function is also offered to Resurs Bank’s retail partners.

Previously, customers could choose between payment in full or by instalment of all purchases carried out during the month, in one single payment plan. The Flexible Account gives customers the opportunity to set up their own instalment plan, right down to transaction level. For example, if a customer purchases a new sofa, they can now pay off the sofa alone in instalments, and not the other smaller purchases of shoes or tools. Customers can easily begin using the new service by changing the options setting on My Pages or by phoning Customer Service. Customers will soon also be able to access the function in the Resurs Bank app.

- We are looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to the launch of the Flexible Account at a Nordic level. For us, it is very exciting to launch a service that helps private customers create a balance in their personal finances. It is well aligned with our overriding agenda in relation to sustainable credit lending that aims to help customers make smart and secure choices and adopt a long-term sustainable perspective to their finances. We also know that if retailers offer their customers the option of having an overview of their spending limits, the chance of a positive shopping experience and returning customers increases. By maintaining customer relationships over time, both we and our retail partners create the conditions to foster long-term sustainable business, says Anders Engstedt, Development Director Payment Solutions.

About Supreme Card
Supreme Card is a credit card that allows customers to pay for their purchases at their own pace, all in one go or a little at a time. Customers can choose between a card that is free of charge, or a travel-friendly card, a card with a few extra everyday luxuries or a card that gives to charity. Read more about the Resurs Supreme Card here.

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