Resurs Bank

Resurs moves the head office to new premises in Helsingborg

In the summer of 2024, Resurs will move to a new, common head office that creates new possibilities for an innovative work environment adapted to Resurs' hybrid and activity-based way of working.

Like the current premises, the new head office is located at Väla in Helsingborg. Resurs has had its base in the Helsingborg region since 1977, and today the business is Nordic with offices in Denmark, Finland and Norway. Resurs is also established in Stockholm, Malmö and Borås in Sweden.

In Helsingborg, the business is currently divided into several premises. The new head office will give opportunity for all employees in Helsingborg to work in the same building.

– This creates opportunities for co-working, co-creation and innovation in an activity-based office landscape adapted to new hybrid ways of working, which is an important prerequisite for our transformation journey as a company, says Nils Carlsson, CEO at Resurs.

Moving to the new property is a natural step in Resurs' ambition to be an attractive employer. Recently, the Norwegian part of the business moved to new premises in central Oslo, and the offices in Copenhagen and Helsinki are also being updated to activity-based workplaces.

Moving into the new premises in Helsingborg is planned for July 2024. The property, which is owned and managed by Ikano Bostad and built in 2010, consists of five floors. The Väla region will develop significantly in the coming years and, among other things, the IKEA department store and the Väla shopping center will be interlinked together.

Resurs currently has 645 employees, of which around 400 people are based in the head office in Helsingborg.