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Resurs Holding awarded “Newcomer of the year” in Employer Branding at the Universum Awards

Resurs Holding won the prize of “Newcomer of the year” in Employer Branding at the 2020 Universum Awards. The prize is distributed by Universum Global and based on the results of the annual survey of Sweden’s most attractive employers. This is the first year that Resurs is taking part in the survey and the prize is significant for the company’s continued branding efforts.

Resurs Holding, along with its subsidiaries Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring, is currently working on a clear employer branding strategy to continually develop its work and strengthen its position as an attractive employer. Resurs is one of the largest employers in north-west Skåne, continually recruiting a wide range of competencies in such fields as IT, sales and customer service. This is the first time that Resurs is participating in this extensive survey that brings Sweden’s most attractive employers into the spotlight.

“We are extremely happy and proud to be awarded the prize of ‘Newcomer of the year’ in Employer Branding. We have been increasing the tempo when it comes to these issues for a few years now, and are working goal-oriented with different projects to ensure that we are a relevant and attractive employer. We find ourselves in an industry with intense competition for recruiting specialist roles in order to for our offering to remain at the forefront, and as such it is particularly gratifying to receive this award,” says Eva Brike, CHRO and Sustainability Director of Resurs Holding.

One of the criteria that Universum Global considers for the “Newcomer of the year” in Employer Branding award is whether the company has relatively recently developed its efforts in this area. In the past year, Resurs has carried out a number of activities with the purpose of receiving faster feedback from its employees and strengthening communication to both existing and potential co-workers. Among other measures, workshops have been carried out with employees concerning the image they have of Resurs as an employer. These insights have formed the foundation for clear messages to be integrated into the new website Resurs Jobs, which is now the hub of communication for potential employees.

Every week, Resurs monitors how employees feel that they are updated on their colleagues’ opinions, both to continuously develop and to be able to present a transparent image of the company to future employees. 

“We are proud to accept the “Newcomer of the year” in Employer Branding prize. We constantly strive to develop and see this prize as a sign that we have successfully started our journey in the field,” concludes Eva Brike.

Motivation of the jury
This employer has had a flying start when it comes to attracting employees and has quickly developed a clear commitment to such issues within the company. The company has developed a broad and exciting range of opportunities available for talented employees. We also believe that these issues are well-anchored among the management team, thus further highlighting the issues. The company is also clear as regards its work with sustainability and equality. We therefore feel that Resurs Holding is a modern employer in several respects that in turn should inspire many others.

More information:
Eva Brike, CHRO, Resurs Bank,, +46 725 291 805

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