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Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey: The top lists of what omni-customers want to see more of in various shopping channels

What can retailers do to be at the forefront of omni-retail? This was one of the themes that Resurs has looked at more closely in its Nordic consumer survey. The lists of the typical “online options” that consumers want when shopping in stores, and vice versa, have now been presented. The Resurs Retail Report – Insight for a loyalty-creating customer journey, which compiles insights into what creates a positive shopping experience and increases returning customers, will be released later this year.

Modern-day consumers expect convenient omni-retail, enabling them to move seamlessly between physical stores and online shopping. Retailers need to set themselves apart, not just in terms of price and range, to ensure that their offering and concept are at the forefront. When consumers were asked what lessons physical stores and e-commerce should learn from each other, it was clear that personal advice and individually tailored tips, regardless of shopping channel, were highly valued.

“To build customer loyalty, a retailer needs to understand and act based on customer needs and drivers. That is why we believe it is fascinating to look a little more closely at how retailers can develop their concept based on what consumers actually want. By taking inspiration from various shopping channels and combining the ‘best of both worlds,’ retailers can create shopping experiences that drive loyalty even more,” says Anette Konar Riple, CMO, Resurs Bank.

The lists of what Nordic consumers value in terms of typical “online options” when shopping in stores, and vice versa, are presented here. The Resurs Retail Report to be published later this year presents more insights and results from Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey. Register to receive the report here.  

Typical “online options” that consumers want in physical stores

  1. Sales staff have knowledge of and offer tips about products not found in the physical store.
  2. The opportunity to see a wider product range than that found in the store, for example, on screens
  3. Seeing ratings and reviews from other customers
  4. An easier way of choosing home delivery
  5. Receiving offers and discounts based on preferences and purchase history

Typical “store options” that consumers want from online shopping websites

  1. Not having to enter all data to become a member
  2. Better opportunities to “touch and feel” the product
  3. Quicker product delivery, within one or two hours
  4. The store offers a more inspiring experience
  5. Opportunity to consult with sales staff, for example, by video chat

Facts Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey
Resurs’s survey was carried out in partnership with Kantar Sifo and is based on 4,410 interviews in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The analysis resulted in insight into the drivers behind loyalty in such industries as home electronics, clothes/footwear and DIY/gardening. These are some of the industries in which Resurs already possesses extensive experience and now wants to gain even deeper understanding of the drivers behind customer loyalty.

More information is available from:
Anette Konar Riple, CMO, Resurs Bank,, +46 707 126 351
Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Resurs Bank, +46 709737255