Resurs Bank

New interactive course to help more people make sustainable choices in their everyday finances

Resurs is launching a new digital course in everyday finances. My Economy is for everyone who want to learn how to build long-term sustainable everyday finances. “A game-changer,” says Reihaneh Hazara, the new Youth Ambassador at Resurs.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL), instalments, credit cards and consumer loans –payment methods are more numerous and more flexible than ever before. But with that comes a greater focus on responsible credit-giving.

“My Economy will help our customers, as well as Swedish consumers, make better decisions for their everyday finances. Our hope is that it will also help people make better decisions that are more sustainable over the long term,” says Henrik Linder, Nordic Sustainability Manager at Resurs.

My Economy is available for everyone and does not require any login or registration.

Tips for young people struggling with their finances
Far too many young people today lack financial literacy, which leads to unsound financial decisions in their personal finances – with long-term consequences. Resurs is now raising its ambition in terms of young people and personal finance.

“We have noted that financial decisions taken by young people under the age of 26 are generally less sound than those of other age groups. Our responsibility as an industry player extends to consumers of all ages, but we feel particular responsibility for young people, since their early decision-making can impact the start of their adult lives,” says Henrik Linder.

As part of this focus on young people, Resurs has appointed 25-year-old Reihaneh Hazara as its Youth Ambassador. She will have a leading role in the bank’s efforts to help more young people get off to a healthy financial start in their adult lives.

“I am proud that Resurs has a clear commitment to, and is taking responsibility for, young people’s finances. We and our industry need to improve our understanding of this group. By building deeper relationships with them, I believe that as a credit market player we can contribute positively to young people’s financial health. This course is a great way to start doing that. This could be a game-changer for many people,” says Reihaneh Hazara.

My Economy is available at Resurs Society. The course is 30–45 minutes long and is based on everyday situations across various themes: budgeting, savings, insurance, loans, repayment plans and how to make sustainable financial decisions.