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Resurs begins commercial partnership with Dicopay and enters new customer segment

Resurs Bank will be the checkout solution provider for Dicopay’s mobile platform and will, in parallel, become a partner in the company. Resurs has extensive experience of developing new innovative payment solutions for players in the retail sector. With this partnership with Dicopay, Resurs is entering into a new customer segment and can now offer Resurs Checkout to a new group of small businesses.

Resurs is continuing to establish strategic partnerships that are driving the development of innovation in payment and financing solutions. With this new partnership, Dicopay will broaden its offering of payment solutions to its customers at the same time as Resurs can offer its checkout solution to a new customer segment for the bank.

“Resurs becoming a checkout solution provider for Dicopay’s rapidly growing mobile invoicing service shows that the company is focusing on the customer shopping experience and sees opportunities in developing Dicopay’s customer offering together with us. For us, the partnership with Dicopay enables us to enter the small business segment – a target group to which we have not previously directed our payment solutions but where we see that Resurs Checkout and Dicopay can jointly create a strong customer offering,” says Anna Nauclèr, CCO of Resurs Bank.

“Together with Resurs Bank, we will offer a revolutionary simple and flexible payment solution for small business and we are truly looking forward to continuing our journey of growth together,” says Marie Lundberg, President of Dicopay.

Resurs Checkout is an omni-solution for both e-commerce and physical stores that provides customers with a secure, simple and convenient shopping experience regardless of shopping channel. Retailers can use Resurs Checkout to offer their customers the most popular payment methods in the market: Swish, invoice, card, partial payment, and Masterpass, both in stores and online.

For more information, contact:
Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Resurs Bank, +46 709737255
Marie Lundberg, President, Dicopay, +46 720787976 


Resurs is a Nordic niche bank that offers leading payment and financing solutions to retailers and consumers. We make loans, savings and payments fast, simple and secure. With more than 40 years’ experience from retail, our expertise stretches across both the instore and the online shopping experience. Today, we have about 5.9 million customers and more than 700 employees in the Nordics. Together, we make good things happen and the hard feel easier.