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BAUHAUS decides to continue its partnership with Resurs Bank

BAUHAUS has decided to continue its partnership with Resurs Bank as a payment solutions provider. BAUHAUS see opportunities together with Resurs to further connect in-store and online retail, focusing on the customer shopping experience, and thus create even better conditions for higher average purchases and loyalty-driving sales.

Resurs Bank and well-known DIY chain BAUHAUS have had a successful partnership for many years and are now continuing on their journey together by focusing on continuing to develop the customer journey and shopping experience for BAUHAUS customers. In addition to pursuing the partnership further, Resurs’s engagement for providing e-commerce solutions is also being expanded.

“We are proud that we have continued to earn the trust of such a major retailer as BAUHAUS and have also secured an extended assignment related to e-commerce solutions for the company. We see that one of our strengths is our ability to combine our long retail experience with digital expertise and in close dialogue with our partner adapt our solutions to result in higher customer loyalty and growing business. We look forward to continuing this close partnership to contribute to further strengthening BAUHAUS’s business offering in all channels,” says Christoffer Norrthon, Executive Account Manager at Resurs Bank.

The common feature of Resurs’ offering of payment and financing solutions is that they provide customers in the retail sector with greater freedom and flexibility throughout the purchase journey. An important part of BAUHAUS’s success is that it has created a tailored solution together with Resurs, whereby the BAUHAUS card and customer loyalty club become the hub for increasing average purchases and the share of loyal customers.

“Our BAUHAUS card currently represents a significant share of our total sales and we see that this extended partnership with Resurs can continue to develop our business, strengthen our brand and increase the share of loyal customers. The core of our business is that together with Resurs we have created a concept whereby customers can easily find out their purchase limits, and this is what has brought us to the position that we have today. We are now intensifying focus on the customer journey and the shopping experience is becoming increasingly important with payment solutions that give our customers an easy experience so that they can make purchasing decisions whenever and wherever suits them best,” says Johan Saxne, Marketing Director at BAUHAUS.

Resurs works on earmarked purchase limits for its partners, which creates greater security for their customers.

“A key to successful payment solutions is simplicity and transparency. Customers must be able to easily see the purchase limit available to them and the payment options that they can chose between. It is also important to us that our partners own their customers, regardless of how they pay and finance their purchases,” concludes Christoffer Norrthon at Resurs Bank.

For more information, contact: 

Christoffer Norrthon, Executive Account Manager, Resurs Bank, +46 736 612 070
Johan Saxne, Marketing Director, BAUHAUS,, +46 706 403 916


27 juni 2019