Summary from the Annual General Meeting of 2018 of Resurs Bank

Resurs Bank Aktiebolag (publ) held its Annual General Meeting on 18 April, 2018. The Annual General Meeting resolved in accordance with all proposals of the Board.

The Annual General Meeting resolved to re-elect Jan Samuelson, Martin Bengtsson, Mariana Burenstam Linder, Fredrik Carlsson, Anders Dahlvig, Christian Frick, Lars Nordstrand and Marita Odélius Engström as Board members, and elected Mikael Wintzell as new Board member. Jan Samuelson was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Ernst & Young AB was re-elected as the company’s auditor to serve for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting, with Niklas Paulsson as auditor in charge.

The Annual General Meeting approved the 2017 Annual Report and resolved to distribute a dividend to the parent company Resurs Holding AB (publ) of SEK 720 per share (in total SEK 360,000,000). The payment was executed the day after the Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting resolved on the discharge of liability of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer for the 2017 financial year.

The Annual General Meeting also resolved that no remuneration shall be paid to the Board for the financial year and that the Auditor shall be paid as per invoice.

At a statutory meeting held in connection with the Annual General Meeting, Jan Samuelson, Christian Frick and Martin Bengtsson were elected as members of the Audit Committee, with Jan Samuelson as Chairman of the Committee. 

For additional information:
Peter Rosén, CFO & Head of IR, +46 736 56 49 34
Sofie Tarring, IR-Officer, +46 736 44 33 95  

About Resurs:
Resurs was founded in 1977 and is one of the fastest-growing niche banks in the Nordic region. During the 1980s, we pioneered the successful “interest free” retail finance concept, and today we are one of the leading Nordic retail finance banks, with about 5.7 million private customers across the Nordic region. From our core business in retail finance, we have expanded our product offering to also include savings accounts, insurance policies, consumer loans and credit cards. Resurs Bank is owned by Parent Company Resurs Holding and is part of the Resurs Holding Group. In 2015, Resurs Bank acquired the subsidiary yA Bank.