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Resurs Retail Report published: Feeling welcome and valued tops the list of the strongest loyalty drivers in the Nordics

Resurs Bank is now publishing its first Resurs Retail Report – Insight for a positive purchase journey and loyal customers.  The report is based on a Nordic consumer survey and compiles insight into what drives loyalty in the retail sector. One insight that was particularly prominent was the importance of feeling welcome for ensuring returning customers. The results showed that this was the most important driver for generating loyalty for in-store shopping. This was also one of the most important loyalty drivers for online shopping.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere in a physical or online store may seem a trivial detail when it comes to establishing a successful retail concept. The battle for loyal customers has instead usually been about competition in relation to price and product range. One of the results of the Resurs Retail Report shows that it is time for retailers to focus more on welcoming customers. Feeling welcome was shown to be one of the most important loyalty drivers both in physical and online stores, and such factors as price and product range came much further down the list.  

“Our survey clearly shows that soft factors are indispensable for creating a distinct identity, positive shopping experience and loyal returning customers. Armed with the insight that the most important loyalty driver for in-store shopping is in fact the sense of feeling welcome and valued, we see opportunities for retailers to focus even more on making the customer welcome a central part of their concept,” says Anette Konar Riple, CMO, Resurs Bank.

Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey shows that less than half of all customers actually feel welcome and valued when they visit a physical store. For online stores, the figure falls to just under one in five customers. Although retailers often succeed in creating a more welcoming feeling in physical stores compared with online stores, they still have a long way to go before this can be seen to be a strength that builds loyalty and returning customers.

Top 10: most important loyalty drivers in physical stores
Here is the top ten list of loyalty drivers in physical stores. The Resurs Retail Report presents the top ten list for online stores along with many other insights and tips for loyalty-creating experiences.

1.     I felt welcome and valued
2.     Making a purchase was smooth and easy
3.     I received good advice/help/tips
4.     I could ask questions and received good help
5.     It was easy to find a product that suited me
6.     The product I choose represented value for money
7.     I had time to think and make a decision calmly
8.     I felt a sense of belonging and friendliness
9.     Clear product information was given
10.   I felt calm and secure

Download the Resurs Retail Report here.

Facts: Resurs’s Nordic consumer survey
Resurs’s survey was carried out in partnership with Kantar Sifo and is based on 4,110 interviews in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The analysis resulted in insight into the drivers behind loyalty in such industries as home electronics, clothes/footwear and DIY/gardening. These are some of the industries in which Resurs already possesses extensive experience and now wants to gain even deeper understanding of the drivers behind customer loyalty.

More information is available from:
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